Absolut Vodka

Absolut Work

From 2012 to 2016 I worked as an Art Director at Satumaa Family Business (previously Family Business) with Absolut Vodka in different projects. During that time I was part of creating massive amount of bottle designs and concepts, unfortunately only a fraction of the work is realized. On this page you'll find some of the work we created.

Photo: Jens Mortensen

Absolut Colors

Full of pride and joy, the Absolut Colors bottle is sleeved with the iconic Gilbert Baker rainbow flag, which he created in 1978 as a message of solidarity, love and respect for diversity. Ever since, this flag has not only been an important symbol of the LGBT movement, but also one that has represented colorful celebrations, massive parties and liberated minds. To complement the bottle we created a visual concept based on soap bubbles. The bubbles have a natural full color spectrum and a connection to parties and night life.

Absolut Mixr

To support the launch of Absolut Mix, we developed Absolut Mixr, a web-app that aims to inspire #AbsolutNights at home, allowing people and music to mix together in new ways. Created in collaboration with Spotify, Absolut Mixr allows a group of friends to connect their Spotify accounts together, automatically mixing-up playlists for any occasion, based on everyone’s favorite tunes.

Absolut Nox

Limited edition bottle for night life market. Frosted sound wave pattern which aligns with the stripes inside the glass of the bottles.

From the back you can see how the internal glass pattern is breaking up the "A".

The bottle is served with a light pad that light up the bottle in different colors.