Graphic identity

Photo by Jens Mortensen

Greta is a fashion label that consists of silk dresses and blouses, the silhouettes is elegant and free flowing. The Greta dresses and blouses focus on creating classics and never go out of style.

The brief was to create a new logo but still take some of the characteristics of the design of the old one. We took the geometric shapes and added a calligraphic touch to it to make it more like a signature. And another big part of the new visual identity is the pearl. The pearl comes from the name Greta, which is derived from the name Margaret, which comes from the Greek word margarites meaning "pearl". In the old logo the pearls were illustrated by a dotted circle outside the word-mark, we too a more litteral approach and took a close up image of pearl with the great still life photographer Jens that would be a big part of the visual identity.

old logo


Businesscard. The image of the pearl is cropped differently to create a dynamic and changing backgrounds