Student work, Beckmans College of Design.

The Pack of Nonsense

Brief: Bring to life new “Fuels non-stop nonsense” positioning to engage a 17 year old target who likes Stride, doesn’t love it enough to commit. Media neutral, big ass idea that can work in any space.

Solution: We came up with a solution that very literally does what Strides new position says, fuels to the nonsense. Each package contains 14 pieces of gum, all of which have its own wrapper. In each wrapper we place a "nonsense challenge." Are you up for the challenge you document yourself when you do it and then upload it to the Strides facebook page. Then you have the opportunity to get one of the monthly prices. The prices are distributed by nonsense maneger Hunter Charm and can be anything from a finger cutlery set in gold to a date with Ryan Gosling's aunt.

In collaboration with Adam Gäfvert and Jesper Stein.
Merit Award - One Show College Competition 2012.

Student work, Beckmans College of Design.

The Newyorkson’s Thanksgiving

Brief: Develop a campaign to raise awareness about City Harvest’s efforts and encourage the audience to support and donate to the cause.

Solution: In order to demonstrate the common problem of hunger in NYC portrays it by linking all of New York in a virtual family. They are invited to show their support by "taking" the name Newyorkerson. All this leads to a campaign in conjunction with Thanksgiving when the NYC family are invited to come together and support their "family".

In collaboration with Adam Gäfvert, Jesper Stein & Fredrik Broander. Finalist, Best Student Work - The Bees Awards 2011.

Print ad, Beckmans College of Design

The light at the end of the tunnel

Brief: Develope OLW’s (potato chips maker) “Fredagsmys” concept into print.

In collaboration with Adam Gäfvert & Carl Rapp.
Awarded gold in Framtida Uppslag.

Direct Advertising, Beckmans College of Design, 2010

Tanken som räknas

The brief was to create direct advertising for Hjärnfonden (The Brain Foundation), with the objective to get more donations. We created a not-so-pretty holiday embroidery illustrating a brain with a santa hat and the text "It's the thought that counts". With the ambiguous text and the fun illustrations we wanted to make the reciever courius about the sender, and hopefully read the heavier text and information about the foundation, and realise the importanse of donations.

In collaboration with Henrik Eriksen. Awarded with silver in the annual direct advertising competition Guldlådan.