Exerimentation with electronics and graphic design
Collaboration with Christian Isberg

An investigative process of people’s relation to objects and space. How to design a framework which serves as a ground for invitation to play.

Space Alteration is the result of a collaborative effort between Felix Andersson and Christian Isberg.

Space Alteration is the design of a framework; the framework is constantly changing in relation to the construction of the physic space. How do we navigate thru architecture?
We created a framework which scans the dimensions of the room , the framework then ‘talks’ to engines which positions fluorescent lighting tubes, which in turn, visualize objects and people’s position. Relationship between objects/people and the room is shown in the design of abstract shapes that constantly shifts. The framework is designed so that the rules and restrictions are strict enough but enough open for a invitation to explore how the abstract forms created relate to the framework and the room.